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The thought of an Audit needn’t send a shiver up your spine

Our Audit Servies are provided through our branch Crombie Associates.

Audits needn’t always be a “tick the box” compliance exercise. Not if it's tailored so it works for you. We believe that an audit should seek to go beyond the numbers so as to uncover opportunities for improvement in controls and obtain a higher quality of information to assist with more effective day-to-day decisions.

Many companies and organisations in New Zealand are required to have an audit under statute. If you are not sure if you require an audit you should contact us.

Many joint venture companies also choose to have an audit to provide shareholders with comfort that the financial statements are accurate, and to ensure that the disclosures made in those financial statements are complete.

Also, many not for profit entities require an audit under their trust deed or funding arrangements.

For more information on our audit services, contact us remember your first hour appointment is free.

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