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March Highlights are

How to plan for a successful year

Tax tips, traps & troubles

Payday filing starts 1 April

Get in quick to get your invoices paid

get end-of-year right

amazon tax proposed

bright line test-family trust

school donations

Get in quick to get your invoices paid




December Highlights are


Are you managing all aspects if risk in you business

Proposed new Rules for GST on low value imported goods

claiming business expenses

ACC levies

business succession planning

Planning: Tips and tools to help you start a business

another home business calculator

capital gains tax

updating your will



September Highlights are

Location the key to success

Cracking down on cartel

Kiwisaver- 5 key feature changes

Entity for owning a rental property

deemed dividends

new rules for PAYE

payments for babies born or due from 1 July

home business require discipline

quick cash flow tip

Never to old?

10 reasons you need to grow your business

Rental losses law changes coming

are they an employee, or an independent contactor

Complying with AML/CFT





March 2018 Highlights are


Get organized for annual accounts

GST on low value items from overseas

Distributions from a family trust

New Five-year bright lime test

Finance leases- reminder

How to build great teams

Upcoming Changes to Employment Legislation

Independent directors

Stay safe online


Dec 2017 Highlights are

Paying lump sum bonuses: How to deduct the right tax

Put a signature on every email

How not to do business

Selling your business

Commercial buildings- splitting assets

RWT on interest-reminder

Ceasing to let a rental property

Contracting: Hidden Costs and expenses

Australia imposing GST

Taxing scheduler payments made to contractors


June 2017 Highlights are

FBT on Work-related vehicles

Business use of home

Windows 10 Tips and tricks

Foreign Trusts with NZ resident Trustee

How to will the email war

Never make judgements about potential customers

Keeping a log book made easy

Money laundering hits accountants

Danger in cashing up when company sells

March 2017 Highlights are

Maximizing your property investment

Directors Key Responsibilities

Minimum wage increase

Tax Calendar

Motor Vehicle expenditure of close companies

Retrospective adjustment to salaries

Beware the debt collector

Deducting tax payments to a contractor

Cross border finance

Big Changes in PAYE 


December 2016 highlights are:


 7 ways to help your family business succeed

The importance of good customer communication strategies

Chose your internet provider with care

How much rent should I charge?

Self correction of minor errors

New way to calculate milage rates

Contractors to labour hire firms

Computer backups

90 day trial periods

Always check ACC account

How to reduce bad debts

Trustees need to minute their decisions

Cyber security


September 2016 highlights are:


Read every word of insurance policies

Keeping an eye on team morale?

Key person cover- is your business vulnerable


being a trustee carries responsibilities


Debt forgiveness

Maximising your property investment


June 2016 highlights are:


Struggling to find a work/life balance

the early quote is likely to get the worm

7 ways to get results from your team meeting

Use of Money Interest

How to improve your relationship with your managed service provider

Make a will to avoid heartache for your spouse

Pay your PAYE or go to jail

The three elements of a gift


June 2015 highlights are:

§  Have you got team buy in?

§  Friction in the family business

§  Imputation credit Account

§  Tax losses

§  Loss offsets

§  Employee remuneration

§  better writing

§  What is the difference between a self-employed contractor and an employee?

§  Change to the Employment relationship(ERA)-6 March 2015

§  Good Systems breed success

§  2015 Budget summary

§  Proposed Government tax crackdown on housing

March 2015 highlights are:


§  How to make sure you get paid on time

§  Your Team-your asset

§  When your home is in a trust

§  Companies Act Amendments

§  Wider powers to collect tax

§  Minimum wage increases

§  Netiquette: blogging for business

§  Working for families

§  The top five social media dos and don'ts

§  Paid Parental Leave increase in 2015

§  Networking

December 2014 highlights are:

§  Hidden benefits of Personal Property Securities Register

§  3 easy steps to grow your sales with referrals

§  Beware 15 January

§  Director's fees

§  4 ways to make your business great

§  the 80/20 principle applies widely

§  Who is your important customer

§  Residency rules changed-GST

§  7 tips for email senders


September 2014 highlights are:

§  Corporate Governance Health and Safety

§  Taking stock for own use

§  The power of connection

§  IRD up in arms about "donations"

§  Preparing your business for sale

§  Are you a bad boss? How to identify it and how to fix it

§  Use email signatures as a marketing tool

§  take care of bank discussions

§  Do you have the right process to ensure you get the right person for the job?

June 2014 highlights are:

§  Do you have a winning strategy for your business?

§  Renting out your own home short term

§  Intellectual Property asset management comes of age

§  Staff business cards

§  Can't pay tax? options are available

§  Conditional contracts

§  Ceasing to operate a business-what to do?

§  Non-residents claiming GST in New Zealand

§  Tax Calendar

§  Expensive ACC

§  Changes to the Inland Revenue payment service at Westpac

March 2014 highlights are:

§  Business Plan

§  Keys to sustainable business success

§  Overseas Pensions

§  Rough Ideas

§  Reflective time

§  Proactive rather than reactive

§  Holiday homes

§  Minimum wage increase

§  Employee allowances

§  Casual Staff


December 2013 highlights are:


§  New foreign superannuation rules

§  Beware 15 January

§  Work/life balance

§  Trusts good practises guide

§  Stick to the rules for bad debt claims

§  Volume does not equal profit

§  Good Strategy/bad strategy

§  Cashing up annual holidays

§  lease  inducement payments

September 2013 highlights are:


§  tax relief for R&D start-up companies

§  Replacement Insurance-it's up to you

§  Tighter rules for overseas-based student loan

§  The roofer impresses with after-sales service

§  Trans-Tasman portability of retirement schemes

§  Do less and achieve more

§  Generating repeat business

§  The importance of social Media, digital marketing and website hosting

§  Buying and selling foreign currency

§  Non taxable allowances

§  Benefits of Tax Pooling

June 2013 highlights are:

§  Build business with a database

§  10 ways to show your website some love

§  Tax Calendar

§  12 Tips for better email etiquette

§  New Accident Compensation payment arrangements

§  Lease inducement payments updated

§  Correct use of the 90 day trial clause

§  Reduce FBT liability for car while away

§  10 big mistakes

§  Children's wages

§  Pies and PIR

§  Labour only builders- still liable

§  Tax deductible legal expenses- property

March 2013 highlights are:


§  Set smart goals

§  do you have your head in the clouds?

§  A place in the country- a kiwi dream of the potential for a nightmare?

§  capital gains tax is alive and well

§  have more time in 2013 to do the things you love

§  Social media and employment relations

§  Business Plan

§  1 April tax changes

§  Minimum wage increase

§  Family trusts will the safest option

December 2012 highlights are:


§  Employing the next generation

§  Bach's

§  Time bars

§  Risk and reward remuneration for shareholder employees

§  How safe is the Trustee

§  Succession and the family business

§  Rude staff

§  lease inducement payments

§  Australian CGT discount removed from non resident individuals

September 2012 highlights are:

§  Employee or Contractor?

§  Success and succession

§  Instant karma will get you on social media

§  Give-away reminders

§  Motor Vehicle mileage rate

§  Never assume your ACC bills are correct

§  Buying a business? Don't forget human capital risk

§  Avoid making loans between companies

§  Look through company (LTC) alert

§  Tax refunds

§  Australian rental properties- urgent attention

§  LTC owners may be liable to pay ACC levies

§  Bereavement payments to widows

§  Tax Calendar

July 2012 highlights are:

§  Overseas income must be declared

§  Budget update

§  Keep your expensive car and save FBT

§  Make a will and save others extra grief

§  Do you have an end game?

§  Succeeding in tough times

§  Entertainment

§  Can you afford to sell?

§  Gifts

§  Reminders

March 2012 highlights are:

§  Importance of "time out" for business owners

§  Take  care of your bank account

§  Database

§  Use of money interest

§  Increase in minimum wage

§  changes to ACC entitlements

§  Selling your business

§  Kiwisaver changes

§  90 day trial period

§  temporary staff

December 2011 highlight's are:

§  Plan to stay in business

§  Deposits and gst-some guidelines

§  Residential care subsidies and abolition of gift duty

§  Use of Money Interest

§  Tips for better brainstorming

§  Fill in "to" last for emails

§  Late payment fees

§  Talk to us about shareholding changes

September 2011 highlights are:

§  Cash to grow

§  Being Critical

§  60 day limit for tax pooling being extended

§  10 tips to maximise networking success

§  Limited Trustee liability through the use of a corporate trustee

§  Business interruption insurance

§  "Without prejudice"- what does it mean

§  Where are your business cards?

§  Get your business documentation right from the start

§  ACC offers a discount

§  Rebates will be delayed

§  IRD Mileage Rates

§  Can you rely on your management reporting


June 2011 highlights are:

§  Government's proposal to abolish gift duty

§  budget announcement to Kiwisaver changes

§  10 telephone tips

§  Office management

§  Changes in tax treatment of unsuccessful in-house developed software

§  Disputes Tribunal a useful tool for debt recovery

§  How good is your brand?

§  Bankrupt trustees

§  the overdrawn current account

March 2011 highlights are:

§  Business Plans

§  LAQC reforms

§  World wide income

§  New Look-Through Company (LTC)

§  Why do due diligence?

§  Keeping your bank on side

§  Building depreciation

§  Minimum wage increase

§  Advertising

§  Cover Plus Extra

§  Company tax rate

§  Cashing up annual leave

§  90 day trail

§  redundancy tax credit

December 2010 highlights are:

§  Vehicle sign writing that worked

§  Abolishment of gift duty

§  trade Me Traders and hobby collectors

§  Don't let the neighbours tap your network

§  Keeping it simple

§  Do you deduct PAYE?

§  Selling property you purchased "off the plan"

§  Qualifying Company & Loss Attributing Qualifying Company reforms

§  Review your insurances

§  GST Changeover- get it right

§  KiwiSaver to be 10%

September 2010 highlights are:

§  GST- what you need to Know

§  More Sales from existing customers

§  Making staff redundant

§  Legal expenses

§  Maximise business execution and your personal productivity

§  How safety can save your business money

§  Getting colleagues thinking business development

June 2010 highlights are:

§  What can business do to continue to survive?

§  Implications for businesses as GST rate rise looms

§  Top 11 reasons why you should talk to your accountant now

§  Measuring business performance with KPI's

§  Business action tips

§  Further changes to personal income tax rates

§  manage the office work load

§  Finding your competitive edge

§  budget fact sheet

§  What characteristics make up a good salesperson?

§  are you using 2010 tax tables for PAYE?

§  Can't pay tax on time? what you can do

March 2010 highlights are:

§  Business plans

§  Trust Changes for trusts extended Period to Allocate Beneficiary Income

§  Positive customer complaints

§  Qualifying companies,- does yours will qualify?

§  Cheaper debt recovery and contract enforcement

§  Long term care hits 7% at 65

§  Associated persons changes- have you kept up to date?

§  Cheques in full settlement

§  Early payment discount for new business

December 2009 highlights are:

§  Closedown requirements

§  Spam

§  Is your business reliant on you?

§  GST registration

§  High-trust Relationships

§  Cash is king in tough times

§  Directorship a Serious Matter

§  ACC Cover Plus Extra

September 2009 highlights are:

§  Business or Hobby

§  Tax returns and forms

§  Charitable Donations from a company

§  Overseas Travel

§  What do leaders of Successful Business Do?

§  Gift Duty

§  IRD refund Cheques

§  Change to Mileage rates

§  Double tax agreement

§  Surplus Cash- Loan repayment generally wise

§  Shopping Mall Refund stalls cause Headaches for Tax Agents

June 2009 highlights are:

§  Claiming Expenses on empty rental Properties

§  The top 5 Business Opportunities in a Downturn

§  Business Industry Descriptions

§  Redundancy

§  Minimum Wage Increase

§  Tax Payment Deferral

§  Individual IRD Number applications

§  Donations

§  Working from home

§  The importance of Marketing during good times and well as Bad

March 2009 highlights are:

§  Marketing Expertise - 10 tips for a well run Business

§  Low value Assets

§  Directors must authorise payments

§  Calculating Holiday pay for Commission Staff

§  Insolvent Trading

§  Deductible Website Costs

§  Changes to Kiwi saver regime

§  Further changes to personal Income tax Rates

§  Business Plans

December 2008 highlights are:

§  Funding Provisional Tax

§  Are your really in business?

§  How do you ensure your terms of trade apply?

§  Do we have the right people doing the right work?

§  Emergency call outs

§  Get your customers to "mouth off" about you

§  Donations

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